Distribution Division Of Polyprod Management

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Distribution Division Of Polyprod Management Essay It appears that Roberta Jackson is trying to make improvements to the current information management practices. Roberta is an experienced first-level manager working in the headquarters site for the manufacturing and distribution divisions for PolyProd. Although she has acknowledged it will not be an easy task to make such improvements, she identifies that not making such improvements could impact PolyProd millions of dollars in future cost of direct expenses. It could also impact long-term market shares because they would decline in PolyProd products. The task/goal is to change the documentation processes and procedures because there is so much room for errors and manipulation of documents as it goes through many hands of people (Cummings & Worley, 2012). There are many obstacles when trying to improve the way some tasks are done, they include, but limited to, an organization 's resistance to change, culture and trust issues, and the willingness to learn. Further details will be provided within questions 2-4. Problem and Diagnosis: Very similar to many other organizations, creating change in the way a business handles its procedures is always difficult. Due to the size of an organization, the number of employees, the various beliefs and personalities, missions and visions, creating change can be very challenging and difficult. One of the main problems with PolyProd is that it is a big organization that rapidly grew and

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