Distribution Of Rite Aid Pharmacy

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Rite Aid Pharmacy is aiming to make itself as a cost leadership company in the national drug retailer industry. The cost leadership strategy focuses on focuses on lower cost and differentiation than their competitors (Barney & Hesterly, 2012). Businesses using the cost leadership strategy focuses on making lower prices and can still make a satisfactory profit. The cost leadership can charge a lower price but can still make about the same amount of profit with its competitors. Rite Aid has been successful in implementing this strategy. In 2006, Rite Aid introduced their retailer annual Management conference and Trade Fair known as “Build Our Business” or “BOB” to more than 15,000 stores, employees and main managers. “BOB” was portrayed by…show more content…
One of the sessions during the conference included speakers such as Phil McGraw and TV 's Dr. Phil trying to teach Rite Aid employees on what makes people successful in business and life. On the second day of the conference, Sammons revealed her dream of a new store model that was "aligned with health & wellness and makes the pharmacy the star of the store." Rite Aid had a new marketing theme, "With Us. It 's Personal," (Rite Aid 2012) This consisted of a more welcoming corner entrance in the store as well as change to the exterior of the store to look warmer and included a covered drive through pharmacy. The interior of the pharmacy was to include wider aisles and nicer waiting areas for customers. At the end of the conference, Sammons reiterated Rite Aid’s six goals: “Marketing, merchandising and communications programs supporting its health & wellness positioning; Hiring, training and retaining quality store associates; Optimizing the chain 's infrastructure; Unveiling a new store prototype; Rationalizing the store base; and, Pursuing growth opportunities” (Longo 2004). Rite Aid continues to value the importance of customer service and puts programs in place to stress the importance of greeting customers and assisting them with their purchases. Rite Aid recently implemented new technology to help employees perform tasks faster and easier which
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