Distribution Strategy for the Lady Gaga Team

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Lady Gaga Executive Summary Lady Gaga entered the music scene in early 2008 and made big in 2009 with her album the The Fame Monster. Although many of the fans believe that Lady Gaga has a lot of talent, much of the success of her music career can be attributed to factors other than the music itself. In today's music environment, promotion of the music is a major factor that must be accompanying talent for an artist to be a success. Marketing has become one of the driving forces that can help an artist get there music in front of audiences and help them promote their music on a national level. Even though Gaga was an initial success and most of her shows were sold out, she still went bankrupt because of the expenses associated with the marketing budget. Timing is an important part of the promotional aspect of marketing an artist. The case mentions that most of the artists that make it as commercial radio successes, quickly burn out because they haven't developed a loyal fan base. One of the keys to Gaga's success is that she played smaller venues all a crossed the country, as opposed to just playing to the major arenas, because this creates a wider fan base. Then once a song finds success on the radio, the fan base can support a long tenure on the charts because the fan base has been developed that can support an extended run for the artist. Otherwise the artist may have one hit single and then disappear from popularity. Another aspect to promoting an artist is

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