Distribution of Wealth

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Distribution of Wealth?

Wealth has affected american society and evermore has affect the fabric of families. Has the distribution of wealth gotten so out of control that the effect will reverberate for generations to come and as a society can we do something about it.
When we were tasked to write this final research paper on one of the topics from the discussions over the past semester i knew that i had to do a topic that i had dealt with on some personal level even know i have experienced many of the topics over the last semester the one that spoke to me the most is the distribution of wealth because of the simple fact that in my core family unit there is a gap in the distribution of wealth with me now below the poverty line my
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In posing these questions to my family i saw what the study pointed out and that is that even know there is quite a big gap in earning some of the issues are the same the first question i asked What is your Greatest aspiration in life? the resounding answer was happy and healthy which is similar to the answer the study got. the next question what is your greatest aspiration for you children? and this too fielded about the same answer that the study got and that was that the children to have a sense of self reliance and to be happy and content but an addendum to that question is do you feel responsible for their successes and failures this was a resounding yes the responsibility of carrying the burden of success and failure was hard because of the simple fact is do you use your money to help or do you find another way to help the last question in the series was how does money help or hinder you life goals. the answers were different the median income parents said that the money neither help or hindered the situation at hand but more money would be nice to to other things but was unnecessary the family with the higher income said that money helps the situation because of the giving component the ability to give time and money to a worthy cause other that his own. during these conversations i saw the similarities in the answers even though there is a
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