District 9 Movie Analysis

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District 9 (Peter Jackson, 2009), a science fiction film produced by Peter Jackson, is a rare gem unlike the many sci-fi movies which have been released in our time. The story is established via a mix of standard third person camera and documentary footage and takes place in the present - a twist from your regular science fiction film which normally takes place in the future. The film, about a colony of alien refugees forced by humans to live in a South African slum, is an example of social satire by presenting a critique of the injustice with which we treat those who are different from us. The metaphors of science fiction are being used to portray the nature of racism; with the way that racist ideology and discourse deals with those different …show more content…
This scene is indescribably chaotic. While operating alien weaponry, Wikis is leading Christopher back to the mothership by protecting him through killing of any humans in their way. Wikus is the film’s hero.

The end of the film leaves us with questions unanswered. We dont know if Wikus will ever find his way back to his old life as a human among other humans. The last scene shows Wikus fully transformed into an alien, building a flower out of scrap metal. Is Wikus more at home now than he has ever been as a human?

In producing District 9, Jackson’s intention was to address racism as an ideology by forcing the viewers to be the racist. At the beginning of the film, when we are introduced to the aliens that reside in District 9, we immediately despise them. The Prawns themselves exhibit human like characteristics (ie. two arms, two legs, stand up right) but also exhibit grotesque characteristics. The aliens are filthy,

violent and vulgar as we catch them consistently using foul language. They live in a slum that is decaying, crumbling and full of garbage, not by choice, but forced by humans. The aliens are ostracized and barred from most businesses and those humans who live in near proximity to the aliens want more distance. They are the enemy. We are also introduced to the ‘Nigerians’ who barter with the Prawns for weaponry in exchange for cat food. The Nigerians have a “witch doctor” who advises them to eat the aliens, which they do. We also learn
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