Dive In. My First Piece Of Personal Advice To My Future

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Dive in
My first piece of personal advice to my future self is to dive in. Fear of failure has always been something that I’ve struggled with. During my first year of university, I was in the Faculty of Arts but desperately knew I wanted to be business school. With that said, I was extremely scared of failure and held my application back until I was ready the next year. For a whole year, I took courses that I wasn’t passionate about as I couldn’t bring myself to apply to Sauder. I wasted a year of my undergraduate experience because I was scared. I deeply regret it now that I know what I’m capable of.
My time at Sauder has forced me to directly face my fear of failure. Networking events, presentations, debates, group work, job interviews,
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During the first few years of my career, I want to be a PhD candidate in consumer behaviour. I want to learn more about different statistical methods to test my hypotheses and learn new theories that I can draw upon for new research ideas. My first advice to ‘dive in’ is especially applicable in the academic world. The large majority of research ideas do not work out because the data doesn’t support the hypothesis or journal reviewers turn down the proposal. For my future self, it is critical that I’m not discouraged by null findings or rejections from editors because it is part of the job.
While the process of research can seem gruelling to most people, I know that I’m passionate about it because time passes by quickly when I’m thinking about a new research question or writing a research proposal or finding patterns in my data. My contingency advice to my future self is, if research doesn’t work out, find another occupation that makes it feel like time is flying by.
It’s not just about the money
When I first started at Sauder, I had a preconceived belief that if I worked hard in school that would mean I would make a lot of money and, consequently, be happy. And so I did do that for the first couple of years before I realized I was miserable since I spent no time pursuing my hobbies or seeing my friends and family. Thus, I want to build

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