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Insurgent is the second book in the divergent. There are 4 books. Divergent insurgent Allegiant and four. For Divergent Insurgent and Allegiant, there are all movies but it’s only Allegiant part 1. There is no movie for four yet. The story is Tris is in Abnegation then at the choosing ceremony she chooses Dauntless. At Dauntless she meets a guy name four. She is divergent. Tris and Four grow closer together. Janine injects everyone with a control serum. But did doesn't work for divergent. And they go and kill Abnegation. Because Erudite wants to be the governing faction. Also for information. They Tris and Four are known as divergence. They go to Dauntless headquarters and shut down the serum. I read insurgent and it is my favorite out of…show more content…
Four and Uriah and other dauntless and factionless break into erudite and Tris goes with Christina Marcus and other erudite runaways so she can save something that her mom died protecting. They were caught and called traders. And at the end of the book, Four took Caleb to play the video that Tris mother died to protect. Is on the run So you don’t have an image of what movie characters look like in your mind. When you read the book and the characters are different you won’t get confused. It’s different from the movie. I think the books it better. I did my novel project on the book insurgent. I liked the book better because you actually know what Tris is feeling. Also because how she sees everything in her world her brother, mom, dad. It is very different from the book.The movie leaves chances big parts of the book like how in the book there is no box. How she gets out what her mother wanted to protect and how Peter helps them escape. The book Janine tries to make a serum that blocks out that corrects divergence so she can control everyone. Then Janine makes her go into hallucinations. To see if Tris and her divergence and get past them. She does. In the movie, Janine is using her to open a box that is from the founders. The other main difference is how her information that her mother was hiding…show more content…
In the movie, the box is what her mother was hiding then Tris unlocked it. The message was that divergence where the keys helping the people outside the wall. In the book she escapes then she teams up with Marcuse. Four’s father that beat him. They team up with some erudite runaways and they break into erudite and they try to get the file than other dauntless find them and they are called dauntless traders. Then Four play the video every where across the city. The last one is where Peter helps them escape Jeanine, so in the movie, Peter injects Tris with this medicine that makes her heart stopped
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