Divergent Cultural Characteristics Paper

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Divergent Cultural Characteristics
The three divergent cultural characteristics that I have chosen are; Individualist vs Collectivist, Explicit Rule vs Implicit Rule, and Time Orientation (Short-term vs Long-term) (McLean, 2010).
Individualist vs Collectivist
The Individualist Culture promotes personal liberty with a self-governing mindset. Though problems exist, this culture emphasizes achievement and discovery of ways to penetrate challenging situations. Choices can be made to address problems alone or seek mentorship and support. It is important to live a fulfilling life (McLean, 2010).
Collectivist cultures consider other first. Life isn’t just about you. What you do impacts family, neighbors and communities. Behaviors should be evaluated
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Schools, workplaces and home require schedules and structure to accomplish daily plans. Project require planning stages that will help complete tasks in an effective manner.
Time Orientation (Short Term vs Long Term)
Short Orientation focuses on immediate satisfaction. Outcomes are desired as soon as possible. If someone cannot get what they want as soon as they want it, frustration will emerge.
Long Term Orientation involves perseverance and endurance. Meditation and consideration are disciplines applied before decisions are. Dedication to work and projects can consume months or years (McLean, 2010).
Short Term Orientation is a part of my culture. There are mandates for various activities, especially at school and work. Classes and meeting have set times. Meal times and breaks must be completed within certain timeframes. There is often a lot of pressure to work within establish schedules and get the required results.
When compare myself to fellow peers and their cultures, a lot of disagreements can occur. Various cultures have different perspectives, but when I am willing to listen, discuss and seek understanding a phenomenally rich experience is the
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