Divergent Dystopia Essay

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Divergent Dystopia vs. modern-day society
Many of us focus on trying to see the positive side of things, but the truth is that sometimes we need to open our eyes, and notice the negative activities sourrounding our world. Once we comprehende what is negativetely affecting our world, then we should find a way to fix it, and shape the world. Finally, after we have done all of that, then maybe we can have a better world, but to have a utopian society just seems way out of our reach. A dystopian society, just like the one in the novel divergent, definetely is different from our modern-day society, but our society dosent neceseraly stay behind On the novel divergent, the society seems out of control, it feel like it is a place were you cant be feeling safe for a second. In the novel, the euridite faction had been long time rivals with abnegation, so they had a sinister plan to end with abnigation once and for all. Consequently, what the euridite did, was that they teamed up with the leaders of dauntless Eric and max,
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As a matter of fact, our society also unfortuantely relates alot to this dystopian novel. Arguably, there is no doubt that in our society although, it is illegal to commit any sort of crime of harming other people, but nontheless people still do it, many mindless human beings out there with knowledge that harming someone is a crime, yet they still do it. similarly, to the novel divergent, in our modern day society there is often alot of bribeing, and manipulation between people, including the goverment at times. Overall, the point is that even though a setting just like the one in the dystopian novel divergent isnt as harsh and extreme as our modern day society, if we open our eyes and just look for a moment we would realize how similar these two society can
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