Divergent Views Of Capital Punishment

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Divergent Views: Capital punishment as a Human Rights Issue According to the basic principles of global human rights; capital punishment or death penalty is a crime towards humanity and the most crucial and important human right, which is the right to life. As a result, any form of justification attached to it is not valid arguing on the basis of the human rights organization policies. In order to successfully argue out the topic of discussion, this section uses two antagonistic perceptions of the debate namely the abolitionists and retentionists point of view respectively. The aforementioned comes in handy when trying to present the various stands that each group supports and using their stands to analyse and understand the efficiency and effectiveness of capital punishment as a way of striking justice and punishing law offenders. An abolitionist is any individual who supports the abolition of a given practice, in this case, capital punishment. The abolitionist spirit has always aimed at trying to impose well on that thought to be socially unacceptable. A good example is the abolitionists influence on the abolishment of slavery in the United States and globally. Abolitionists argue that capital punishment brings more harm than good from a psychological, emotional, mental, religious and social point of view. On the other hand of the table, the retentionists exist, opposing the efforts of abolitionists. Retentionists support the enforcement of capital punishment with a…
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