Diverse And Multicultural Clients: A Case Study

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Career Counseling with Diverse and Multicultural Clients In this paper, I will explain how working with diverse and multicultural clients influences career counseling goals and objectives. I will describe specific factors related to racial identity and aspects of culture that contribute to career development. Finally, specific insights are offered for counselors offering assessment and treatment to this specific population. Working with Diverse and Multicultural Clients Multicultural psychology is unique in that it considers individual traits and factors, along with, the cultural context in which the individual lives to better understanding how all of these variables affect career development over the life span (Leong, Hartung, & Pearce, 2014). According to Ratts and Santos (2012), the U.S. population continues to undergo significant demographic change that has increased the diversity of clients seeking career counseling. The authors give multiculturalism a…show more content…
For instance, in Hispanic culture women are expected to be more self-sacrificing and nurturing than males (Stevens & Smith, 2012). A counselor would need to consider the impact of this norm on a Hispanic female, who wants to have a professional career in the U.S. but doesn’t want to upset her family. Acculturative stress can be felt by any minority group and is defined as the pressure to conform to the norms of the dominant culture (Stevens & Smith, 2012). The young Hispanic woman mentioned previous is a good example of acculturative stress. The career oriented woman is becoming more common in U.S. society and this creates an opportunity for women from different cultures to challenge their cultural gender norms. This also can create a painful dilemma in cultures where the cohesion of the family historically comes first such the Hispanic, Native American, and Asian populations (Stevens & Smith,
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