Diverse Characters In Cassandra Clare's The Shadowhunter Chronicles

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Cassandra Clare’s works, The Shadowhunter Chronicles, are full of diverse characters, and for various reasons. One reason being that she believes it is important for novels to have all different kinds of characters to reflect the world around us; because the world is diverse, the book she writes must also be diverse. She strives to create relatable characters so that readers of any sexual orientation, race, or gender are able to identify with her works. For example, Clare’s choice of writing her main character as a young female was made because she would have wanted to read that as a teenager. Every character is created in order to give people, especially those who are not as represented in the media, someone to look up to or relate to. Cassandra Clare creates an important series for teenagers to read as they begin to discover who they are; the inclusion of racially diverse, LGBTQ+, and mentally disabled characters in Clare’s The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices gives young readers a variety of different characters so that any reader can see themselves in the novels.
First and foremost, I would like to emphasize how important it is to have representation in young adult novels. A large part of the reason that teenagers read books is to read about someone that they can relate to. Being able to read about a character who has a lot in common with the reader helps the reader to not only feel connected to the book and its characters, but also to feel as if someone is

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