Diverse International Business Practices

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The United States business culture is based on a direct and informal approach. This means that “rolling your sleeves up” and getting down to business is respected and expected when working in the United States. (Executive Planet) On the other hand, the Japanese culture is a complex and multi-layered system, which developed over thousands of years. This is very much apparent when analyzing the business culture. The Japanese put a lot of focus on having a hierarchical, group-oriented society, and aim to avoid direct confrontation, maintaining the workplace harmony on a high level.( The long-term focus on culture and tradition caused the business culture to be very formal and complex, a complete opposite of the American culture. very strict about their attire during the business meetings. For men, it is expected to wear a dark suit, either navy or black, between the months of October and April, and to wear a gray suit between the months of May and September. One important thing to know is also not to wear a black suit with a white shirt and black tie, because that is considered as funeral attire. (Venture Japan) When it comes to grooming, Japanese put a strong emphasis on a clean look. Men are generally freshly shaved, with short hair. Men with ponytails are very rarely seen around Japanese businesses. Furthermore, most companies don’t even allow their employees to wear beards or shave their heads (eDiplomat). For women, the greatest obstacle is the fact that

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