Diverse Learning Styles Essay

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The way a person best retains information is considered to be their preferred learning style (Irvine & York 1995). Knowing what learning style best fits with a student inside your classroom is important. Being conscious of how a student best learns will help the teacher plan how to provide the student with the knowledge that is needed to be learned in ways that best suits each student. Knowing students’ learning styles can help in many ways to enhance both learning and teaching. Plenty of research has been done about how people learn and how the information is relayed to them. In result of the research, different tools have been created to categorize these learning styles and help people understand what style best fits them.
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Finally, tactile/kinesthetic learners, are better at learning material by using their body. This child will better understand material if they can touch it, and have hands-on activities (Bisson, 2002).
As a teacher, understanding and having information about how your students best learn material and what their strengths and weaknesses are in the classroom will help insure that learning is taking place. Unfortunately, there are students in our classrooms who are not learning materials teachers are teaching; whether it is because the student finds the material difficult or it may be the way it is being taught to them. The most important goal as a teacher is to make sure every student in your classroom is learning and you are helping them be successful in education. As teachers we need to do whatever we can to make sure each student comprehends our content. Educators need to know about the different types of learners styles and be educated on what makes someone an auditory, visual or a tactile/kinesthetic learner. Once you understand each style and before we can adjust our lesson plans, we need to assess our students and determine who learns in what way the best.
In order to address learning styles, teachers must be able to determine what method of learning each individual student prefers. Individual assessments are one way a teacher can look at these preferred styles. Lederhouse (2003), a researcher who did a study on the factors
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