Diverse Mating Strategies Among Different Species

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Diverse Mating Strategies Among Different Dolphin Species

There are a variety of different mating strategies among different male dolphins species. “Male mating strategies and forms of competitive interaction among male cetaceans lead to the development of sexually dimorphic features such as prominent postanal humps, reproductive adaptation such as large testis size, and retained bodily scarring caused by interactions with conspecifics.” (Murphy, 2005) Cetacean have been noted to either have a polygynous or polygynandrous mating system. (Murphy, 2005) These mating systems have led to a number of different types of competition among males such as contest competition (where males limit the access of other males to females by aggressive displays or fights) scramble competition (competition to disperse and find sexually receptive females), endurance-rivalry competition (competition to remain sexually active over a longer period of time), mate-choice competition (competition in courtship), and sperm competition (competition between the sperm of 2 or more males).” (Murphy, 2005) Individual males will use these different strategies depending on their dominance in rank, size, age , and number and quality of reproductive females. (Murphy, 2005) Contest competition and courtship competition have been documented in polygynous species such as bottlenose dolphin (tursiops truncates), and humpback whales.( Murphy, 2005) “Sexual dimorphism in size, weaponry (teeth and husks), and
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