Diverse Nature of Psychology Essay

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Diverse Nature of Psychology
Jessica Champion
PSY / 490
July 2, 2012
University of Phoenix

Diverse Nature of Psychology
Psychology is a diverse area of study. Within this paper it will discuss the influence of diversity and it’s major concepts within psychology. It will also discuss subtopics within psychology, as well as how subtopics are identified, and applied to other disciplines within society. As well as, explain how these subtopics affect my personal theoretical perspective. Lastly, it will discuss how my contribution of studying psychology will benefit society within my area of profession in which I hope to achieve in my near future.
Theorists influence of Diversity and Major concepts within Psychology Diversity has a
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As follows’ psychological need has to do with an individual’s hunger, thirst and sex needs. Safety needs of an individual’s are based off of one’s protection, stability, and security. Next is the love and belongingness need, this has to do with loneliness, love, and belonging. Another need is esteem, every individual longs to have respect from others, as well as have self- respect. The last need is self -actualization which means to fulfill ones potentials.
Herzberg theory of motivation differs a bit from Maslow’s. Herzberg’s theory was based off of one’s needs in a professional elements. Herzberg was trying to discover a theory that would avoid employees’ dissatisfaction and gains satisfaction within his or her work environment. So he came up with these six factors. The factors that lead to dissatisfaction are, salary, relationship with peers, company policy, work conditions, relationship with boss, and supervision. The factors that lead to satisfaction are growth, advancement, recognition, achievement, responsibility, and work itself (Herzberg, 1959). These are not separate from one another to gain satisfaction. However, without dissatisfaction to gain satisfaction there would be none at all. So in order to gain satisfaction ones psychosocial and
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