Diverse Participation In Canadian Politics

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still progress to be made. Even though the current parliament is around 25% female,

countries such as Cuba, Sweden, and Bolivia are champion examples of diverse

participation in politics, as their governments inspire female leadership with close to, and

over 50% females in government since their last elections. Canada's policies of

multiculturalism have led to increased representation by Canadians from visible

minorities. It was only in 1971, that Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau made

official in the House of Commons, policies of bilingualism and multiculturalism, to

increase participation in democracy.10 This was the first step in truly creating equality

amongst all ethnic groups in Canada. His speech was made at a time when very few
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Canada’s present Liberal

government has created a record in the number of minorities participating in its caucus,

that surpassed the record that the previous Conservative government had also created.

One example of how greatly the representation of minorities has increased, is that there

are presently 4 cabinet ministers of Sikh backgrounds, and this is over 10% of the

cabinet. There is immense progress in increased participation across ethnicities, and

this must also follow through with age. The average age of the House of Commons of

Canada, “is still above 53, among MPs whose age is listed; more than 50 per cent of MPs

under 40 years of age are women. With the exception of Calgary-Centre MP Michelle

Rempel, they are also exclusively NDP.”7 (Woolf, 2015) Again, we note that the NDP is

leading the way in younger, in female, and in LGBT participation in politics. These

figures point to a lack of knowledge in youth about how to participate in politics, and
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