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1. What changes are occurring in our workforce today and are likely to continue into the future? Workforce diversity is increasing. There are more women, minority men and immigrants entering the workforce. 2. What is meant by affirmative action, and how does it tie in with EEO legislation? Affirmative action is an in-company program designed to remedy current and future inequities in employment of minorities. EEO legislation was designed to protect minority groups of any definition from discrimination. 3. In seeking to ensure conformance to EEO laws, what evidence of discrimination does the EEOC look for? In which areas of management is this most likely to occur? They look for differential treatment, disparate effect…show more content…
Why? I would say allowing him to take the keys home as that shows you put a lot of trust and faith in him. 7. The men in Jane’s work group repeatedly- but jokingly and admiringly- address her as “Pam,” an obvious reference to her physical resemblance to Pamela Anderson. Jane doesn’t particularly like this and complains to her supervisor. What should the supervisor do? This is a sexual harassment claim. The supervisor must follow the company’s policies. An investigation must be conducted and in the end it must be made clear the company’s standards for this type of behavior. 8. If 19-year-old Pete is dissatisfied with his job and blames his unrest on the meaninglessness of his work, what is the possibility of this charge being justified? What might Pete’s supervisor do about this situation? This is a definite possibility. Younger employees tend to need to know why a job must be done a certain way, why it must be done at all, and how it relates to what is going on around them. 9. Why might an employee who works at a computer keyboard object to the number of her keystrokes being counted electronically as a measure of her performance? Do you believe that her employer has a right to make these measurements? I do believe they have a right to monitor keystrokes. The employee may object because she might not be

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