Diversification And Diversification For International Markets

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Diversification and adapting to internationalisation is a way to survive in a competitive business environment and is well researched and adopted in the business world. It is possibly the most logical and secure way for companies to avoid that their share of a given market will not be taken over by other competitors when they try to diversify technologically, geographically or product wise. It also helps reduce the risk by spreading it into different markets. There are many assorted works written about diversification and internationalisation in order to theoretically envisage the optimal level of diversification for international markets that generates the highest growth rate with a minimum level of risk.

This study is an investigation of the strategic growth of a small company (Ravi Rice) based in the city of Jhang, Pakistan. Since the business was established, it has found difficulty in gaining more customers and it is localized in its certain area. This was a big problem for the company affecting its sales and growth overtime, management had to overcome this hurdle, because the company would not be able to survive with its current customers, despite having a large production but limited market share.

To over come this delinquent and to get rid of the current situation, it was necessary to adopt a viable expansion strategy for long run business, company needed the change and being the marketing and finance manger of the company our job was to achieve
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