Diversification Continues To Rise In The United States

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Diversification continues to rise in the United States which results in an increase in poverty level living and lower levels of educational achievement. The mixture of low education and an increase in poverty effects individual and population health. Additionally, health disparities are growing and impacting the health care field. Cultural competency and communication across language barriers are influential in producing quality care for socioeconomically challenged minorities. However, educational attainment and health literacy are the most influential factors for minorities’ well-being. Better quality of care for minorities ultimately results in an improvement in population health.
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7492). Furthermore, evidence of this inferior quality of health is found in the Institute of Medicine Report’s study of unequal treatment. This study illustrates the multiple areas in which minority individuals are discriminated against due to their racial and ethnic identities. The Institute of Medicine Report’s findings explain that:
“Minorities were referred less for cardiac cath, received less pain medication for fractures, received less surgical treatment of lung cancer, received fewer referrals for renal transplant, received fewer referrals for congestive heart failure and pneumonia, and received fewer major procedures for myocardial infarct (in the elderly) (Thomas, 2014, p. 7495).”
According to numerous studies, the disparities that exist among minorities not only affect individual lives but impact society as well. In other words, bad health care for socioeconomically challenged minorities ensues poorer health for civilization. Notably, understanding minorities and the way their status affects the health care they receive results in enhanced health for society as a whole.
How does cultural competency play a role in health care? Cultural competency not only encompasses race or ethnicity, but a quality of care for all individuals. Studies illustrate that cultural competency is currently lacking in the health care field; this results in the disparities that exist among the minority population with low

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