Diversification Strategies

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Running head: STRATEGIES Diversification Strategies Pamela L. McGhee Dr. Kimberly Anthony The Business Enterprise – BUS 508 Strayer University, Savannah Campus 30 October 2011 Diversification IBM a Fortune 500 company celebrated its 100th birthday this past June. IBM employs over 400,000 employees and is considered to be a $100 billion dollar or more giant in e-business global marketing technology. With the inception of the computer, IBM’s core business was mainframe computers, which almost bought the company to its knees in bankruptcy. IBM looked at the PC as just a gadget and with any gadget over time would fade into oblivion. IBM would find out the hard way that the PC would rapidly transform the world into the…show more content…
IBM’s diversity strategy is not limited to some but to all managers in the IBM workforce. (Shaw, 2008) The diversification strategy for Abercrombie and Fitch has been unsuccessful in past years. Some just don’t get it and some never will. That is how some in the corporate world looked at Abercrombie and Fitch. A&F has on several occasions been sued for their lack of diversity within their organizations in the area of discrimination. The first lawsuit in 2001 came about when A&F failed to hire minorities and women to work during the daytime in their stores. Those who were hired that were women and minorities worked the nightshift which consisted of cleaning the building and were told by store employees to never come to A&F until after the store was closed. After a thorough investigation conducted by the Los Angeles District Office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), A&F was found to have thrown away applications that should have been kept on hand for at least a year or more to cover up their hiring practices. (Esemplane, 2008) Another subtle hint of discrimination was that store employees were to only approach those shoppers who fit the A&F image. The image of A&F is one who is blonde hair and blue eyed. (Carando, 2007) In 2003 a discrimination law suit reared its head against A&F, this time in North Carolina. This was a

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