Diversional Therapy Essay

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New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists (2016) defines diversional therapy as a practice that involves “organization, design, coordination and implementation of client-centered leisure-based activity programs” to improve the quality of life by addressing the needs and well-being be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or social. It is the responsibility of a diversional therapist (DT) to be updated with regard to the changes in practice to identify needs and to plan how to address them. The DT must be aware of the changes in health policies and initiatives to deliver better services to those people who use these services. The purpose of this report is to identify one health policy and one health initiative and their impact on diversional
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The government is balancing the distribution of resources by prioritizing long-term health outcomes by reducing health inequalities and costs, preventing and managing diseases, providing primary healthcare and additional workforce, and focusing on mental health, oral health, older persons’ health, and children’s health (Frizelle, King, Hague, & Ryall, 2003). The government is making sure that more services are delivered locally in the community and in primary care, and that whanau-centered and holistic approach to quality service delivery is promoted (Ministry of Health, 2014). Health services should be based on the Treaty principles: Partnership (working together to develop strategies for health gain and appropriate health and disability services), Participation (involving Maori at all levels in decision-making, planning, development and delivery of health and disability services), and Protection (working to ensure that Maori have at least the same level of health as non-Maori and safeguarding Maori cultural beliefs, values and practices) (Medical Council of New Zealand,
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