Diversity Among Children In Language And Development .

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Diversity Among Children in Language and Development Children from across the world come to America with their parents to chase the American dream. Their families leave everything behind to provide better future and opportunities for their children. Parents migrate to this country facing many difficult challenges along the way. Society today plays a huge role on how people are viewed based on its family ethnicity or its development. Children have the most tough time adapting to society norms and assimilations in this country. Next, the United states also known as America is known for the country of better future and opportunities for their families. Today the population of immigrants have greatly decreased within the past five decades…show more content…
They will feel discouraged to socialize and communicate with others because they are afraid their classmates will make fun of them and exclude them from daily activities. Also, learning and adapting to its new environment and associating with society in a broad manner is a challenge they will face daily. According to research, immigration results in huge stress for their children. This stress involves transitioning from one home to another in a different country, learning and adapting to their society customs and norms. These challenges become more difficult when it comes to adapting to their unfamiliar environments, people, and norms. Due to the language barrier, children will be discriminated and bullied based on their cultural backgrounds. When children are mistreated and discriminated this can result for children to have low self-esteem and their academic progress. In the article, Emily who is seven years old attended school for the first time, her first reaction when she entered her classroom was terrified unfamiliar with all her classmates. Everywhere she turned she would hear a language she did not know, she did not understand. As she was walking around the classroom one of her classmates looked at her and started calling her "India" which is Indian. Emily was dark skinned with long black hair the moment she heard her classmates discriminating her appearance she began crying, saying she wanted to go home. The teacher was bilingual which comfort her and she
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