Diversity Analysis Between The Eight Patients

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The first key factor that was taken into account was the risk that each patient presented as a potential source to spread the disease. The role that individuals had related to potential physical contact with other was evaluated and individuals that engaged in a high level of personal contact or large number of contacts were listed as high risk. In this group, the prostitute represents the highest level of risk because of her intimate contact with clients. The primary care physician has a high level of contact with patients and the pharmacist represents a risk due to work and her heroin addiction which might result in needle sharing.
Diversity analysis between the eight patients helps to differentiate similarity and differences group affiliation including gender, race, socio-economic class, age, and sexual orientation. Minorities tend to receive lower quality of healthcare than non-minorities even when access related factors such as insurance and income are controlled. The four selected patient are diverse in gender (2 males, 2 female), race (3 white, 1 black), socio-economic class (1 low, 3 high), and sexual orientation (1 gay, 3 straight). In addition, the prostitute is homeless so she is would be difficult to contact for follow-up appointments if more vaccine became available. The group is not diverse in age with the youngest and oldest patient excluded since they did present the highest risk of spreading the disease.
Social perception are a confounding factor which the
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