Diversity Analysis : Diversity Management Essay

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Diversity Journal Diversity Management is the Key to Growth: Make it Authentic (Glenn Llopis, June 13, 2010) Article Summary: In the current fierce competitive global market, diversity management remains critically advantageous if any firm should make progress. Organizations must integrate diversity in their thoughts, actions and innovations. Diversity in organizations goes beyond making numbers to how people are treated in relation to its business model. It’s a time-sensitive necessity in the current workplace. Diversity cannot be bought or lip serviced. Based on authenticity, diversity is people-centered. It responds holistically to the dire needs of both the employees and clients. Long term strategies must therefore be considered so that diverse talents are engaged in the leadership circle. It is important that diversity management be driven by innovative perspectives. Article Analysis While most companies strive to beat the prevailing competition globally, the marketplace calls for uniqueness that can only be harnessed through diversity management and leadership. Organizations must figure out various approaches to unlock every potential within the market. In fact, diversity is simply about embracing all types of people in the industry, who firmly stands for diverse things and who represent diverse cultures, ideas, generations and thinking. Through diversity, innovation can be restated as a way of looking at difficult problems and presenting new perspective to be
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