Diversity And Diversity At Concordia University

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We are all different; we are classified by the color of our skin, by our wealth, by our looks, and by the way we act. Diversity is having variety. Having people like who you are might make you feel included, but it also can make you feel excluded. Concordia University is such a diverse campus, we have international students to students that live a block away; from students that English was not their first language, and to students who grew up learning English. Concordia’s diversity is growing. Diversity can separate us, but as unique individuals, we are able to build connections with others. In the public, we might not be equal because of who we are but what people think of a group of people or places, it should not affect the way you think; learn or try to understand before you judged. There is a room for people who feel like they won 't fit in or feel like it 's hard to connect. This room is the diversity room. This room is for everybody; it might just seem likes it is for certain groups of students but it is for everyone. The diversity room have so many opportunities. Many different individuals come to the room. Diversity room have a vibe where you are connected, they make you feel like you matter. This room brings energy and gives to people who are having a bad day. The people you meet in there, are people who can give you many opportunities to connect with Concordia. The diversity room is a room with many great people; these people try to help their fellow
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