Diversity And Diversity Within The Classroom

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Diversity in the classroom means realizing that every student is unique in their own way. Diversity has always been a part of the classroom, but in today’s society, it is even more important to embrace and promote the different cultures. When a teacher values diversity, this attitude will trickle down and impact students in a positive way. It is not enough to just talk about being diverse, teachers must show they embrace multiculturalism through their actions. For example, when asking students to solve a problem, assemble diverse teams of students with varying skills and perspectives to work together in groups to solve the problem. Teachers must also provide students with a safe, inclusive, supporting, and respectful environment conducive to learning. Teachers have to wear many different hats as an educational leader, and valuing diversity should be one of the biggest hats they wear. The United States, and therefore the United States’ educational system is only going to get more diverse with each new school year so affirming diversity should not only be logical, but should be a requirement. Teachers can promote diversity in many ways. One way a teacher can promote diversity is to set aside some time to learn about a student’s background, culture, interests and learning style. Not only will this create an environment that is tailored to each individual student, but it will also give students a feeling that the teacher truly cares about them. A teacher can also set
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