Diversity And Equity Policy

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The analysis of policy in regards to impacts on students, families and community, leads to a discussion of problems within our society and their influence on the very policies created to respond to these circumstances. Within the educational sphere, all polices contribute to the lives and educational experiences of every student and as a result, their families and the community. This case study looks at the Department of Education and Training [DET] Diversity and Equity policy and outlines a school-based scenario that analyses diversity and equity within the classroom. The case study analyses the policy and scenario to formulate discussion about how students, families and communities can be impacted by diversity and equity and
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6). The Diversity and Equity policy (DET 2013) was created to respond to the growingly diverse Victorian Community. Many Victorians face issues of racism and bullying and due to cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as socio-economic status, many do not experience equal or equitable opportunities. This is due to the emergence of our society as neo-liberal. Neo-liberalism means that ‘the agenda of economic and social transformation’ (Connell, 2013, p. 99) has moved from public agencies to ‘companies selling services in a market.’ A society modelled under neo-liberalism is skewed to support those with money and privilege, a majority of which, in Australian society, are middle class Anglo-Australians. As a result, the issues of equity and diversity within a neo-liberal society leave those affected at a marked disadvantage in comparison to the majority of Australians. The Diversity and Equity policy (DET 2013) is an attempt to improve the disadvantage experienced by the…show more content…
Though this policy attempts to achieve a support of diversity and an increase of equity among the Victorian community, its affects are hindered by an education system that favours the middle class and above. As stated by Reid (2013, p. 13), the equity espoused within policy ‘is produced by policy processes which are counterproductive to the achievement of equity.’ This means that, in order to really achieve equity for all students, the education system needs to
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