Diversity And Inclusion Of An Organization

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In a survey, 24 executives were asked way advancing diversity in their organizations was so important to them. The majority believe “it was a business imperative because their companies needed it to stay competitive, and they believed it was a moral imperative because of their companies needed of their personal experiences and values” (Broysberg & Connolly, 2013). Steve Reinemund was the first senior leader at PepsiCo to focus on diversity and inclusion from a perspective of changing the entire culture of PepsiCo. Under Reinemund’s leadership there led to a 38.8% increase of employees that felt the culture of PepsiCo was more inclusive from the impact of inclusion training. There is a great demand for individuals who know how to design and adapt their product and service to meet the needs of our ever changing society. The change I am speaking of it has to do with organizational culture. Culturally developing an organization means that there is a growth of diverse marketing which is directly related to an increasing diverse workforces. If one looks at the workforce in the Unite State and aboard, it is clear that a change has taken place. For example, white males, upper class men are not the sole dominate worker in organizations today. Right here in our home of Florida, not only are people coming from different ethnicities, but from all across the globe. They are given the opportunity to come into an organization with the professional skills and the sufficient competencies to…

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