Diversity And Its Effect On Society

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Diversity in society helps us to grow as individuals and open our minds to different ways of life. When you are exposed to different ways of life and see how other cultures carry on then you are no longer closed to the idea that we are all different. Diversity also promotes tolerance. In terms of being tolerant that means diversity can help us accept other cultures, it can even adapt some cultural ways and values into our society. The point is, we are all different. Yet the differences that we have between us can be used to strengthen society as we know it. Diversity allows us the opportunity to learn, grow, understand new ways of living, and experience life to the fullest. Without diversity, we are closed off in our own worlds, but with it, we expand our knowledge and we are no longer ignorant. When you are aware of the differences and embrace them, then you have taken the blind fold off to living differently and you are a better person for it. The key is exposure and using what you learned to increase tolerance and decrease racism. Ta-Nehisi Coates view of the Mecca, a passage into a far-reaching thought of blackness encouraged by greater exposure to the black diaspora, which represents the “lovely things”, the language, mannerism, food, music, and literature, describes the diversity of HBCUs. Diversity has been a force for change because it boosts educational innovation which leads to educational growth, more jobs, and interaction between diverse cultures. HBCUs such as
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