Diversity And Proper Representation : I Am Ann Zhao And The Olympians Series

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Crash Course YA Literature
4. diversity and proper representation
Hi, I 'm Ann Zhao and this is Crash Course YA Literature. Today we 're going to talk about my actual favorite thing in literature: diversity and proper representation.
A notable issue that comes up in a lot of YA books is the lack of diversity; people of color, LBGTQ people, people with disabilities—a whole lot of books don 't have them, and it 's a huge problem.
A lot of authors have really improved over time in their representation, but today we’re going to use Rick Riordan as an example.
You probably know Riordan for his bestselling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, as well as its seemingly countless sequels and spinoffs, all about various traditional
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The other main characters of The Kane Chronicles are also people of color, so bravo to Riordan!
While writing Kane Chronicles, Riordan also juggled The Heroes of Olympus, a sequel series to Percy Jackson. New characters, most of which are people of color, are introduced, again earning Riordan points on the racial diversity scale.
I would actually argue Heroes of Olympus is a lot more diverse than The Kane Chronicles, with characters from a whole lot more racial and ethnic backgrounds.
What The Heroes of Olympus also started, though, was more queer representation. Nico di Angelo is revealed in The House of Hades to be gay, although they never actually say the word gay, so there’s some room for improvement.
Nico’s sexuality brought Riordan many dissenting views. Parents sometimes complained that their children were not old enough to understand what was going on. We start to see this trend even more with later series.
Currently, Heroes of Olympus is being followed up by another sequel series, The Trials of Apollo. Only the first book, The Hidden Oracle is out right now, but already, Riordan has included, yes, even more diversity.
Apollo is portrayed as un-apollo-getically bisexual (pun fully intended); he mentions many times his attraction to both men and women.
New characters are also introduced, since the old background characters of Percy Jackson have all kind of grown up and left for high school and college. Or they died, which is fine too.

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