Diversity At Workplace Diversity Within The Workplace

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1.0 Diversity at workplace Diversity is a very extensive subject and can be in any genre or class; it is difficult to categorize because of its complex nature. According to Res (2012), diversity can be represented as a variety of human aspects pertaining to different societies and cultures in the workforce or can be explained tolerating the differences. On the contrary, diversity is a quest of differences among human beings in safe, positive and nurturing surroundings and moves beyond simple tolerance with acceptance and respect (Llopis 2011). It is important that in the twenty first century, the hospitality industry is highly valued by the workforce due to high level of mobility between and across the globe which has impacts on the workplace (Baum et al., 2007). According to Ozbilgin (2008), diversity is one of the top global issues and requires management attention. There are both benefits and challenges in managing diversity. However, Golnaz and Hoa (2002) stated that most organizations agree that diversity is a reality and while managing the same, it can be either an asset or a hindrance towards goals (Gleason 2004). Diversity helps the organization become proactive and flexible to new aspects and scenarios (Pwc 2011). To manage a successful diverse workforce, organisations need to promote self-awareness, openness, clear-headedness, adaptability, candour and egalitarianism. This can be a challenging task due to complex human behaviour and biases (Parkin 2009). 2.0
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