Diversity, Atypical Or Typical Development, And How This Will Impact My Own Classroom?

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As Ernest Dimnet once stated, “Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.” Education is one of the most important aspects in children’s development. While studying to become an educator for these children, it is important that I consider learner differences in my future classroom. It is also important that I take into consideration that all children grew up with different parenting styles so this will also make an impact on their development and education. As the teacher, it is important that while planning I consider the diversity, atypical or typical development, and how I am going to teach each student according to their needs. The purpose of this essay is to consider diversity, atypical or…show more content…
A few of my group members did notice that their child showed a little of inadvertent aggression. This type of aggression usually results in having a specific goal and may not target a certain person (Woolfolk & Perry, 2015). My group members noticed that this type of aggression usually took place when playing with other children their age, the children usually fought over a toy that another child had. Reflecting back, I have noticed that the child that grew up with the authoritarian parent was the most aggressive child out of our group. Middle childhood is a crucial time for moral reasoning, children are beginning to make judgments about certain acts being right or wrong (Woolfolk & Perry, 2015). When my child was eight years old, she wasn’t cheating as often while playing games, but has been lying about what has been happening at school, or blaming her sister for making messes (Pearson, 2014). According to My Virtual Child, “my child is still at the preoperational level of moral development” (Pearson, 2014). Occasionally my child will confess that she has lied, I make sure that I praise my child for telling the truth. During this time, my child seemed to be emotionally stable. She was a happy child and had healthy relationships with her peers. When teaching elementary aged students, I will be teaching middle childhood students. It is important for the instructor to
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