Diversity : Building Relationships Across Cultures

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Chapter 9 Diversity: Building Relationships Across Cultures We live in a multicultural society. Whether you have to go to school, work or attending public events you are constantly interacting with other ethnics. There are three main factors to bridge the gap between cultures. They are desire, knowledge and skill. This article instructs how to gain all three. You must first start with self-discovery. Understanding who you are as a person helps you identify with a wider range of people. Next step is to learn about other cultures. Take courses, learn the language, see plays, or go to concerts. Do whatever encourages you to learn different cultures. Lastly, reach out to people. By completing this step you break down social barriers and expand your horizon. I have developed two action-oriented goals from reading this article. The first is to interact more often with my family. I want to take the time to hear someone tell me his or her life story. I can expand my knowledge and build a strong relationship at the same time. Also opens me to different experiences people had to endure. My second goal is to attend a Spanish class. This is one culture that fascinates me. Choosing Spanish as my first ethnic to fully explore. Chapter 9 Diversity: Overcome Stereotypes with critical thinking There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about people. Stereotypes are assumptions we make about an entire group based on observations of some members. Most stereotypes are based on
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