Diversity Case Study : Target Corporation

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Case Study I:
Target Corporation

Executive Summary Diversity at Target, like everywhere, is a work in progress. Target is ahead of the national average in terms of minority hiring. Additionally, the company has a higher percentage of minorities in management positions than the industry average. “The Strength of Many. The Power of One,” is Target’s tagline for diversity. It is realized that we need many points of view all working towards the common goal in order to be successful. The goals set forward in this plan are: to increase diverse hire mix by 30% over last year; improve retention rate by 30% over last year; and to develop high potential diverse talent in the ST. Louis market. This can be done
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As a company, their goal is to search for and find the most qualified applicants who are high-performing, highly motivated, and bring with them diverse experiences and talents. In their search for these candidates, members of Target’s team attend career fairs, visit colleges and agencies, as well as offer internships to potential employees. Specific recruiting efforts include being involved with diversity career fairs associated with the National Black MBA Association and the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s and teaming with agencies such as Goodwill Industries and Easter Seals to recruit applicants with disabilities. INROADS, is another organization that Target collaborates with to find potential employees. INROADS, is an international organization that focuses on developing the skill sets and talents of minority youth in the workplace. These minority youth are sponsored at Target as interns with the company (Target Corporation).
Once hired, each employee is required to complete courses focused on the diversity that one will probably encounter in the workplace. The classes offered by Target help their employees understand the value and importance of diversity in the company as well as strengthen the employees’ individual roles in the business. The classes usually occur during the first

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