Diversity Class Reflection

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In our class discussions, we talked about diversity. Before taking this class, I perceived diversity through the lens of race and religion, because these are the ones often addressed when discussing when discussing diversity issues. Therefore, I defined diversity as a mixture of people from different races, and different religion coexisting in together in the same environment and/ or country. However, through the class readings, lectures, videos, and discussions, my definition of diversity has changed. I now know that diversity includes not only race and religion, but also includes other things such as skin color, nationality, social class, physical abilities, sexual orientation, age, education, and skills. Therefore, I define diversity as…show more content…
As I reflect on my life right now, I see that my values of gender and physical abilities have evolved. My gender value has evolved in the sense I now take full pride in being a woman, even though there are many stereotypes that imply that women are inferior to me. This class has taught me that gender does not determine your work ethic and that it is only one of the many components that are a part of my identity. This is due to intersectionality, which means that it is not only my gender that defines who I am. There are other facts that such as race, class, sexual orientation, and other identities that play a role in forming my identity. It also made me aware of the privileges I have in relation to my gender in that, unlike the male gender, as a female, I don’t have to worry about being perceived as weak when I cry. This allows me to fully show my emotion. In learning that I have a privilege in my gender identity, I became empowered in using my privilege to advocate for other gender identities, which are targets of oppression. My value of physic has evolved in the sense that in the beginning of this cause, I knew that I had a privilege that some people lack, and due to this, I often felt pity for disabled people. However, from the class video, “I am not Your Inspiration,” I learned not to view disabled people with pity. This is because the video showed that even those with a
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