Diversity, Culture, Gender, And Race Essay

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What does diversity, culture, gender, and race all have in common with one another? These are all names of labels. In the TED podcast, “Beyond Tolerance” Arthur Brooks, Verna Myers, and Aziz Abu Sarah introduce the main problem between all of these labels. The common problem between these labels is diversity. Society has this mindset of what everyone should be like and if stepped out of that perspective, that person will be looked down upon. This in turn creates diversity. In The Gender Knot, Allan Johnson introduces the fact “ As men go about their everyday lives, they don’t have to bother to think about how sexism affects women, just as whites don’t have to concern themselves with the consequences of racism and the upper class lives largely oblivious to poverty and middle-class anxiety.” Johnson is applying almost all problems between society and diversity. On this diversity expedition these common labels will be picked deeply apart one by one through the eyes of a uncommon feminist man. Diversity creates this ideal that everyone has a default set of characteristics that they have depending on what race, gender, or culture they come from. This creates a bias that people automatically think of when they see that type of person. In “Beyond Tolerance” Verna Myers states “ How are we going to know who people [truly] are when we were told to avoid and be afraid of them.” Myers has a good point. She is stating that basically as kids we are told not to talk to strangers and grow

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