Diversity Curriculum Dilemma Study

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Diversity Curriculum Dilemma Case Study: Should I Talk to the Principal or Not? In this case study, a third year first-grade teacher was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to talk to the principal about her concerns. One of her concerns was that two of the other first – grade teachers (who were very good friends with the principal) were always getting the high achieving students that came from wealthy backgrounds in their classroom. Her other concern was that these two teachers always had higher test scores because of the high achieving students that were placed in their classroom. This made her scores look bad because she always received the students that struggled to perform. The third year first- grade didn’t mind teaching the struggling learners but she did feel that ALL students would benefit from mixed classrooms. Therefore, she was faced with the following questions: Should I talk to the principal or not? Should I talk to the other first grade teachers? Should I talk to someone else? Or, should I just ignore the situation to keep things from getting worse? This type of dilemma happens in public schools all across the United States. If I were the third year first-grade teacher, first, I would do some research to find data that supports that mixed socio-economic classrooms are better learning environments for all students. Then, I would make arrangements to meet with the school counselor since counselors are usually in charge of classroom scheduling. I
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