Diversity, Equality, Equity, And Mutual Respect

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Diversity is a concept that comprises the values of acceptance and mutual respect while acknowledging that every person is unique and brings individual gifts and views to the table. There are many traits and characteristics that make up each person 's personality and culture such as race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, sexuality, along with age and religious and political beliefs. It is the differences that are comprised of these traits and characteristics that enable the incubation and implementation into creative ideas that will help us to achieve our objectives both individually and professionally. Diversity will help in understanding these differences in order to turn them into advantages by embracing the rich dimensions instead of merely tolerating them. This builds a diverse reality that will cross broad spectrums of demographic and philosophical characteristics. It is only when individuals feel free from discrimination that they will be able to create a climate of equality, equity, and mutual respect. Accepting each other 's differences and embracing diversity means more than just tolerating one 's differences, it means consciously practicing acceptance and appreciating the interdependence of our different cultures and personalities. Communal appreciation of differing thoughts and ideologies helps us to value others and their experiences rather than treating them as pariah 's by understanding that diversity also includes different methodologies of
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