Diversity For A Diverse Workplace

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If an organization is serious about leading and managing a diverse workplace, they must prepare a plan of managing cultural diversity not only for the current status of the diversity in their organization but also for the very starting point of accommodating new employees with different cultural backgrounds. It is all about the preparation for recruiting different cultural backgrounds. Recruiting strategies At first, the organization must create a diverse pool of candidates. If they always recruit from the same places, they will get the same people; then here is the question on what recruiting strategies the organization has and how their diversity recruiting plan will answer these following questions: 1. Is their lead time for hiring…show more content…
How is their organization viewed in the communities where they want to recruit? Do they sponsor events such as Chinese New Year or other traditional celebrations and events? Do they get involved with community organizations? 7. Where have they advertised for candidates? 8. Do they look for internal candidates? Can employee affinity groups help? Do they talk to suppliers and vendors that champion diversity and let them know that they have positions available? Do they have best practices in recruiting they might adopt? 9. Do their website and promotional literature tell that diversity is part of their mission statement? 10. Do online photos and illustrations reflect real diversity in their organization? The responses to these questions could help the organization draft a new recruiting strategy or take to modify and carry out an existing one with an improved diversity perspective (Lieberman et.al. 2003, p. 76). Attitudes to job candidates After having a clear strategy for recruiting diversified workforce, the next problem is what the organization or especially interviewers‟ attitudes are to job candidates. Despite what many believe, hiring candidates for a new position or a promotion is never completely objective. In fact, unconscious bias and assumptions always try to interfere with the ability to interview and select the best candidate. Those biases and assumptions can affect everything, including
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