Diversity, Gender, And Sexual Orientation

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The United States is known for its diversity. As a nurse working in such a culturally dynamic country, it is extremely important to be culturally competent in order to provide optimal care. Culturally competent care is defined as “nursing that is sensitive to issues related to culture: religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation.” (Euro med.) In order to deliver such care a nurse must have the knowledge of, be aware of and understand the importance of a patient’s cultural background and how this cultural background affects the care the nurse may give. It is an ongoing process and must be studied continuously.
According to the research, about 78.4 percent of the U.S population is Christian. In that category, there are many sub categories such as Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Orthodox etc. About 4.7 percent believe in other religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism etc. (Religion) In order to become a culturally competent nurse, one must fully acknowledge the difference between these religions as well as special considerations of said religions that affect the patient’s health care. For example, Jehovah’s Witness do not allow blood transfusions due to their belief that the Bible states that Christian’s should not consume blood while Jewish and Muslim patients adhere to a Kosher diet and Halal diet respectively. Catholic patients also typically consult with a Catholic priest if a patient is near death which is similar to patients who…
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