Diversity, Gender Diversity And Human Rights

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Delta has shown great support for human rights and has supported the rights of their employees; their vision and decisions have had positive implications for their business and managerial practices. The founder of Delta, C.E. Woolman states, "Happy Employees Make Happy Customers Make Happy Shareholders" (Kaufman, 2013, p.28). It is implicit that Delta cares about their employees and understands the importance of carrying out and using diversity practices within their business. Cultural diversity, gender diversity, and human rights have been at the forefront of this company since the beginning; this company has succeeded and overcome many challenges mainly because of their strong commitment to not only their employees but to the rights of the human condition. Delta Air lines, the Non-Unionized Delta Airlines is the only airline outside of the Middle East that is mostly non-unionized. The only union the airline has ever been a part of is the Pilot’s Association, which is the largest pilot union in the world representing over 50,000 pilots in 31 American and Canadian airlines (Yamanouchi, 2015). Unions are usually seen as being very beneficial to an employee. There are many repercussions that come along with unionizing for both an employee and an employer. Unions are losing their longstanding appeal for basic security needs to companies like Delta who show more desirable leadership to their employees Companies are also are offering more competitive benefits that deter the
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