Diversity In Art

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Beginning with the Renaissance the Church is no longer the only primary patron of the arts. Private families, governments and other secular (non-religious) groups begin to hire artists with greater frequency.

What effect do you think this new diversity in patrons had on the arts in the 15th-18th centuries?
There’s no way we talk about essentials patrons in arts and not mention the Duke of Burgundy (Khan 2015) “The court of the Dukes of Burgundy were the most important patrons of the early Northern Renaissance.” This patrons influenced the direction of art by employing artist, either for a short or long period of time. The diverse effect of patrons influence in art in 15th-18th centuries was supremely good. Oil on wood paintings were introduced by painters as their new medium.
Based on what we read in (Khan 2015) “There is a probability of a debate on whether the North experienced a Renaissance, but the artistic, institutions and intellectual changes are evident.” New patrons of art usually move from home to home, in so doing, they were able to excite the art across the region. The dukes gain so much attention from
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Portrait of Margaret of Austria, ca. 1490 Jean Hey (Master of Moulin’s) (Flemish, active 1480-1500).

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