Diversity In Children's Literature

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I believe that books have one of the greatest influences on children when they are growing up. There are many different genres of books and they all have something different to teach and offer to children. For example, picture books and fictional stories spark imagination in children and teach them creativity while, non-fiction and stories incorporating diversity, teach children about a certain topic and help broaden their horizons. Keeping the importance of all the different genres of books in mind, I chose two articles from the Journal of Children’s Literature pertaining to this subject. The name of the first article I read is, Drawing Stories, Writing Pictures: Reading and Composing Multimodally in Storying Studio, written by Prisca Martens. This article discusses the significance of picturebooks and how the illustrations enhance the writing and make the stories come alive. Martens also mentions a project that she is working on called, Storying Studio. According to Martens, “Storying Studio honors and values multiple ways of composing meaning,…show more content…
Koss. This article discussed the highlights of the 2015 Children's Literature Assembly, which focussed mostly on the need and importance of books revolving around and about diversity. The article mentioned that all children need to be able to see themselves represented in books. If a child can not find a book that they relate to or feel represented in, it can have a negative impact on their self-image. When a child reads a book and can see themselves in a character, it shows the child that they are not alone and that there are other people just like them. The article mentioned that diversity in books is crucial because it teaches children about other people and their different situations. Books featuring diversity also makes sure that children read out of their comfort
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