Diversity In Public Schools Essay

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Diversity found in public schools today.
The diversity found in public schools are those who speak another language other than English, come from different cultural backgrounds, are different socioeconomically, have learning disabilities, physical conditions, have different sexual orientations or genders. Students that are not straight, European American, and come from a comfortable or high socioeconomic status, resulting in private schools or have accessibility to paid for tutoring, are not always at arm’s reach for help or proper resources regarding their education at home or school, in some cases. These students face challenges and overcome them in a plethora of ways.
Why is it important to understand diversity in public schools?
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Teachers work their lessons to include representations of the students that exist in their classroom, for example, a person of color going to school to become a doctor, politician, teacher, scientist, or a career that a student who see themselves growing up to be in adulthood. But it gives them a frame of reference when they interact with materials given out by the teacher. They will, at this rate, be attentive and intrigued by what they are learning and will engage in class more often. Teachers also should also in this gain the knowledge of the skills and needs of their students to provide the proper instruction and curriculum. Teachers set the overall tone and what type of environment their classroom will, as that depends if it is a suitable place that is conducive to student learning and achievement. They also are the role models that students will typically look up to if they have a profound effect on their overall school experience. Another role they will be using will often be assessing each and every student, which is done through various tests, homework, and other methods that are deemed
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