Diversity In The Military

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ORIGINAL POST After fifteen and a half years later, I am in a position with the United States Air Force in which I can effectively influence the organizational behavior. As a senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO) I can teach, grow, and mentor a great number of very young people that make the choice to enter our ranks. With nearly 650,000 total force personnel, you can imagine the diversity that must be embraced. To fully discuss diversity within the military, we would be here much longer than this assignment allows. For today, I am going to hone in on the individual differences and intelligence. Diversity is “the condition of having or being composed of different elements”. (Merriam-Webster, 2017) Within the military, the diversity ranges…show more content…
government will not foot the bill to set us up like those that work for Google, the diversity that we employ every day is beautiful. Laslow Bach, Vice President of People Operations for Google, tells us in the news story “we don’t have a set time when people come in…it’s up to the individual and the teams they work with to figure the best way for them to work together.” (The “Google” Life) Now, the military does not have the freedom to choose when we want to arrive at work like Google employees. However, we do have the similar vision that each one of our troops bring their own individual difference and intelligence to the fight. Some may think that because we are military, we are too structured and it hinders the abilities to reach an individual’s full potential. It is true, we do have set standards that every person must meet, and these are environmental and external contexts that cannot be changed easily. However, what we can change are the organizational contexts to invoke higher levels of output and job satisfaction, and decrease the turnovers and counterproductive…show more content…
This is a question that top levels of leadership have been battling for decades. There is no single absolute answer. From my experience, working with one hundred different people across ten different locations or offices, there are one hundred different way to effectively incite positive work ethic and emotional intelligence. The factors that come into play are the individual’s background (i.e. where and how they were raised), their age (what generation are they), their goals (both personal and professional). These are just a few to start, but the list goes on. The key though is as a good leader, we must find those buttons that trigger the outcomes we want, and start pushing
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