Diversity In The United States

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United States is the most diverse country I know and the future looks like diversity is only going to grow from here. This brings us to an ever growing diverse group of students in the classroom. Diversity is a good thing to have in the classroom because it educate the students about their peer’s culture and background. But it also means students can grow hatred towards an entire culture or ethnicity because they didn't like a certain person in a culture. They will associate the culture with the student and start stereotyping everyone in that same culture.
This is a dangerous thing to happen to a student who is a young citizen of this country.
Language can be an important problem within a diverse group of students. Having a primary language that is not
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This will only contribute to the gap between rich and poor that is present in this society and it put the poor in huge disadvantage in moving further. This happens with gender as well. Girls are still worried about putting a boy in their group and this hinder the growth of both genders.
When talking about gender I have to bring up sexual orientation. This is a time when more people are identifying themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. Even though some of the students are accommodating of these orientations, there are still a lot of students out there who see other sexual orientations in an alien way. They still judge and persecute these students by making fun of them or not associating with them into their friend circle. This is a huge disadvantage among the students that get discriminated because they will lose confidence in themselves which is essential when in college and starting a new career. There are many other diverse workgroup as I mentioned above and every single one of them suffer in their own way. It is hard for the teacher to get into solving these issues because often they are
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