Diversity, Inclusion, And Equality Within The World

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Militaries all over the world have historically faced problems with diversity, inclusion, and equality within their ranks. The hyper-masculine culture that has been at the core of many military values has facilitated a perspective that excludes certain populations. Women of all backgrounds as well as gay men have struggled through the years for their right to service. This essay serves to explore the struggles as well as progress the Australian Defense Force has facilitated with its LGBTQ officers, and to analyze the current state of equality and inclusion that the ADF has to offer. Militaries all over the world have historically excluded gay men, and to understand why we must first put it into historical context. The issue of gay men serving in militaries have been about for many decades, but the first cases of mass attention began in the 1980s. At his time LGBTQ rights movements erupted into the global scene, and many communities used sex as their expression of freedom. During this era HIV/AIDS was introduced into the LGBTQ community, and it led to the deaths of many people. HIV/AIDS was often mistaken as a “gay” disease, as it ran rampant through the community. While the community saw sex as one of their few rights or freedoms to have without intervention there were many sexually active gay men. Without the worry of pregnancy it was rare that protection was used, and thus HIV/AIDS spread quickly through the LGBTQ community. At this point in time the disease
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