Diversity Is A Diverse Personality That Cultivates Within Any Group Setting

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Welcome to my inside and outside world that carries an adventurous circle of diversity. I am a 38-year-old African American who finds herself looking for opportunities in every day’s life cycle. I find my personality as a diverse personality that cultivates within any group setting. Over the years, I have come to learn diversity is everyday lifestyles, whether it is faced on by grocery shopping, employment etc. I have learned there is no way around diversities and its settings; however, diversity is a direction of your reflection. We will explore the importance of diversity throughout this journey. Let’s Begin Growing up as a child diversity was not a single cultural, more so diversity were classified by each members’ ethnicity. I currently live and was raised in the southern state of South Carolina. Attending grade school in a southern state, we would often separate into groups. Those groups took on the popularity, the tough kids, and the rich kids. At that time, my group setting were practically the kids from around the block and/or family members. Family members back when did not have the setting to address diversity and its culture, just small statements such as this, “learn what you need to learn to develop your future.” Quite honestly, I could never understand why that statement was always made known. Understanding diversity took reinforcement when I began working through different organizations and their settings. Whether I worked
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