Diversity Is A Strategic Advantage?

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1. Why do you agree or disagree that diversity is a strategic advantage? In your response, consider: • What is diversity?
• What are the benefits of promoting diversity?
• What are the downsides of a diverse organization? In the overall picture we would all like to assume that we are a diverse country therefore we should be able to easily adapt to diversification in the work place. But the truth behind that, is that it is simply to complex to have that happen overnight. When talking about diversity there is many things one must take into account. It is more than just being a different race/ color which is the main thing most people refer to when speaking of diversification. If one digs deeper we will realize that we must also take into account culture, social upbringing, age and disabilities as well. Culture itself plays a big role in our everyday lives, many people assume that culture is tied to race but that is simply not the case anymore specifically when speaking on behalf of the people that populate the U.S. For example we can take a person from California and place him in a great job in Texas. While he may be a qualified person for the job he would stick out like a sore thumb due to the fact that culturally he simply would not fit in regardless of race. Here in this country we have so many cultures because of race and because of the fact that different regions have different environments, which is why derogative terms often derive from people seeing others in…
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